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The Intuitive Life is dedicated to cultivating the intuitive awareness

innate in all of us.






The Intuitive Arts School

Cultivate Your Innate Inner Wisdom



Launch your soul-based business or creative project.

psychic readings

A deep dive into psychic training,  dreamworkand remote viewing.

Girl on Road

Gateway to

5-week intro course offered in May and October 2024


6-week psychic training offered in March and September 2024

Dreamwork Intensive

6-week dreamwork training offered in Feb and August 2024

Gold Meadow

Remote Viewing Intensive

6-week RV training offered in March and October 2024

For too long, our intuitive wisdom 

has been 

dismissed & marginalized.


Isn’t it time to write a new story?

What if each of us . . . 

Nothing less than a radical transformation of 

our planet . . . our species . . . our selves.

The Intuitive Life is dedicated to expanding our intuitive wisdom and consciousness . . . accessing guidance and knowledge beyond what the analytical, logical brain can provide.

Let’s write a new story.

Our subconscious is a vast reservoir of information, strength, guidance . . . always there, always available. 

And yet, this immense treasure lies largely underutilized.  

Using tools to access the subconscious such as clairvoyance, dreamwork, and remote viewing, we help people deepen their own intuitive knowing and experience of the universe of possibility inside them.

Service Descriptions

Intuitive Readings

What is your subconscious wanting to tell you?

In an intuitive reading, we explore issues such as career, relationship, health . . . always with an orientation toward taking pragmatic, actionable steps to further your goals.


Our subconscious never rests, with our nighttime dreams lending insight and guidance that our waking consciousness often cannot access. 

Bring a dream (just an image or a snippet suffices) and let’s explore what messages your dreams have to tell you.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to describe a hidden object, person, or event that is inaccessible to ordinary senses.  In other words, a trained remote viewer is able to gather information about a “blind” target using psychic abilities.  

Anyone can do this.

There is nothing more thrilling than the first time you describe, with astonishing accuracy, an object that is hidden from ordinary perception.  After that, all doubt is removed that your powers of intuition are limitless and immensely powerful . . . and these powers lie inside of you.  You will never be the same.

Teaching & Guiding

I am an educator at heart.

Whether it’s teaching business to college students or authentic leadership to corporate executives, witnessing the “a-ha” of a light coming on is pure magic.

Our Gateway to Intuition course gives students the opportunity to learn tools of intuition, and to practice them in a safe and supportive environment. This is a highly individualized course, meaning that each student’s experience will be attuned to their own inner landscape; the teaching reflects that unique journey.

Learn more about our curriculum and program here.

What's your next step?

The way is made by walking.

--Antonio Machado


Angela Atkinson

Angela Atkinson

I am an intuitive guide and teacher.

With decades of experience in nonprofit leadership and teaching, I offer clients a unique blend of left-brain analytical skills with my gifts of clairvoyance, remote viewing, dreamwork, and heart-centered guiding.

I have an MBA from UC Berkeley and worked for a number of nonprofits in leadership positions as well as served in public office, owned my own businesses, and consulted to a variety of businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies.

I received remote viewing training from Paul Smith, Ph.D., Major US Army (ret.) of the renowned Stargate military remote viewing program.  I have also trained with Debra Katz, Ph.D., of the International School of Clairvoyance and Earth Feather Healings, as well as Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Ph.D., psychotherapist and Peruvian shaman.

I have called the Rocky Mountains home for most of my adult life. I currently live outside of Denver, Colorado with my husband Chris and numerous critters.

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