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Taking the Stigma Out of “Psychic”

A career in nonprofit leadership was a safe choice for me.  With an MBA from a top business school, I had a career that was mainstream, culturally acceptable and successful by societal standards. 

However, when I turned 50, I grew increasingly unhappy and restless in my work.  I knew my current path was not right for me, but I didn’t have that “calling” that others seem to have. 

I knew that I loved teaching, helping people, spiritual development, and exploration of the psyche.  I had been studying metaphysics since I was young, yet I’d always considered it too personal and risky as a career choice.

And yet, when I looked back at how I spent my time, it was reading spiritual books, going on vision quests and meditation retreats, taking countless courses, and doing my own personal growth work.  I was driven to learn everything I could about our spiritual natures.

After years of internal struggle, I finally surrendered to my inner voice and committed to starting and building a business in intuitive psychic work, dream interpretation, and remote viewing (the mental skill of identifying objects and people hidden from ordinary perception). 

I am drawn to this work because the subconscious is a treasure chest of information, inspiration, and wisdom inside all of us!  And yet most of us dismiss this wisdom if we even acknowledge it at all.

I knew that my calling is to help people cultivate their intuitive natures, to bring together the realms of the rational/analytical mind and the subconscious that lies below the surface of everyday awareness. 

Risky?  I thought so at first.  My ego warned me that I was starting a business in an industry filled with stigma and judgment – it’s a world of fortune tellers, charlatans, and woo-woo crazies!  

My hope is that my work will help to destigmatize the practice of accessing our intuitive, psychic natures so that it occupies its natural place of prominence in our lives.

And while I did initially experience judgment and avoidance, the gains from following my passion have far outweighed grief or sense of loss.

My message to you . . . 

You aren’t alone if you feel on shaky ground or unsure of yourself when faced with a new, intuition-based step.

It feels like a leap of faith because, well, it is. Your logical brain will want to share the unreasonableness of your impulses. That’s its job.  

Questions are natural when it comes to trusting you inner voice:  like:  “Is this real?  Can I trust myself?  What if I’m making all this up?”


Sometimes all we need is to hear someone else’s story.  Take a listen as I share my fears, hopes, and aspirations with saying “yes” to this new adventure.



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