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Dreams are the poetry of the soul.

Your Dreams

When we sleep, our subconscious takes the reins.  Through story, metaphor, imagery, and symbol, dreams are the conduit from your subconscious, sharing the messages it wants you to understand.

Working with our dreams brings us into contact with our deepest and fullest selves, the core of our being, our true home.

They are seeds that contain the potentiality for the whole, embodying our hopes, our fears, and our creativity.  They serve as a permanent witness to our life’s journeys.

Dive in
Explore the
Hidden Treasure
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download free ebook

download free ebook

“10 Steps to Working Your Own Dreams”

“10 Steps to Working Your Own Dreams”

Discover for yourself the immense power and wisdom your dreams hold. 

In this beautiful guide filled with rich imagery, you will learn to extract the multiple layers of meaning every dream holds for you.

What to Expect in a Dreamwork Session?

Dreams are multilayered.  A dreamwork session peels off, layer by layer, the different meanings hidden in the dream.

Too many times, we stop at the top layer . . . with the more obvious or literal interpretation of the dream.  This is akin to finding buried treasure but not opening the lid!  There is so much richness to mine, even in a dream that is just a single image.

I use an approach that blends different modalities, including “Integrated Embodied Dreamwork,” shamanic journeying, and intuitive psychic skills.

Together, we “re-dream” by revisiting your dream, slowing it down and exploring all the emotions, images, metaphors, symbols, and humor (yes, our subconscious can communicate using puns and silly anecdotes).

Remember, you don’t need an epic tale to have a powerful dreamwork session . . . in fact, some of the more profound sessions were just a single image in a foggy dream.  So, don’t dismiss dream fragments, and don’t self-edit.  Be a faithful reporter of all aspects of your dream.  The “re-dreaming” process can reveal hidden meaning that you can’t see from the surface.

What if I don't remember my dreams?

Sleep and brain studies confirm that we do dream every night.  So when we say,”I don’t dream,” what we really mean is “I don’t remember my dreams.” 

There are some things you can do to help you remember your dreams:

  • Before you go to sleep, tell yourself that you want to remember your dream (write it out or speak it out loud)
  • Visualize yourself remembering your dream (“preemptive visualization”)
  • Invest in a dream journal, and keep it next to your bed with a sharp pencil or pen that’s ready to go
  • When you wake up, try to move as little as possible while you reach for your pen.  You can try putting yourself back in to the same sleeping position it was when you woke.  Your body has “positional memory” and sometimes you can grab an image
  • Getting hold of one sensation or image can bring back the whole dream, so just relax and allow that wisp of an impression to land . . . the rest of the gaps often fill in.

The more practice at dream recall, the better you’ll get at it!

Angela helped me uncover the rich wisdom and direction buried in my dreams. I cannot recommend this experience enough!​

I recently received a dreamwork session with Angela and it was incredible. I had never used dreams as a tool for self growth or exploration because they always felt so scattered and difficult to understand. Through an easy to use process, patience and expert guidance, Angela took me back through my dream experience to unveil powerful messages and resources that were waiting to be uncovered. 

The process was revealing, inspiring and healing! I will absolutely do this again and am thrilled to learn of another tool I can use around self-growth and healing – a dreamwork session with Angela!  ~ Betsy

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