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Dates and Pricing

Class Format

  • Online courses will be held by Zoom on Thursdays 6-7:30 PM MST
  • 5 live interactive classes
  • Class size limited to six
  • Practice groups are offered to develop your skill


  • Tuition = $299
  • Secure your space with $100 deposit
  • Payment plan available

Starts May 2024

  • May 9
  • May 16
  • May 23
  • May 30
  • June 6

Starts October 2024

  • October 24
  • October 31
  • November 7
  • November 14
  • November 21

Course Description

This course is designed for those who are seeking to deepen their intuition through proven, experiential tools.  

There is nothing more thrilling than discovering that YOU have a vast, untapped reservoir of wisdom just waiting to be accessed.

In this 5-week online psychic development class, you will gain expertise in a variety of intuitive tools – there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  What you can count on is a high level of focused attention on you and your learning.

Classes are intentionally small (maximum of six) so that you benefit from an intimate setting with others like you.

In this course, you will learn to:


Be a part of a new global shift in consciousness. 

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who are open, willing, and curious about expanding their intuitive self. No previous experience is necessary, although some experience with mindfulness practices such as meditation can be helpful (but not necessary)!

You don’t need to be a Master meditator, or a psychic guru to develop your intuition. 

It’s innate in all of us . . . you have these gifts too!  


These five modules build upon each other to construct a robust curriculum of intuitive tools.  Built into each module are opportunities for practice, direct experience, and 1:1 guidance. 

Module One:

Your Intuitive Self

  • What is intuition?
  • How do I know its voice?
  • Ego vs. intuition
  • Shadow beliefs
  • Stilling the mind
  • Interactive exercises and practice sessions

Module Two:

Your Dreaming Self

  • What is dreamtime?
  • What do my dreams have to tell me?
  • Embodied dreamwork and “re-dreaming”
  • Archetypal symbols in dreams
  • Interpretation vs. integration of dreams
  • 1:1 dreamwork practice sessions

Module Three:

Your Psychic Self

  • What does it mean to be psychic?
  • Taking the “woo” out of clairvoyance
  • How to tap into the psychic realm
  • Using your psychic abilities for practical applications
  • How to distinguish psychic voice from mental chatter
  • 1:1 psychic practice sessions

Module Four:

Your Viewing Self

  • What is Remote Viewing?
  • Why Remote Viewing is the ultimate realm of psychic capacity
  • Learning to successfully Remote View in one session
  • How to use Remote Viewing in everyday life
  • 1:1 remote viewing practice sessions

Module Five:

Your Journeying Self

  • What is shamanic journeying?
  • Nature-based elements of intuitive journeying
  • Ceremony & ritual in everyday life
  • Actively engage synchronicity and its power
  • 1:1 shamanic journeying

Module Six:


  • How to apply intuition in decision-making
  • Integrate learning into your family, career, personal life
  • Synthesize information into a new paradigm of seeing the world
  • Walk away with an expanded capacity to bring your intuition into your life


I have a scheduling conflict and can’t make some of the classes.  Should I still take the class?

Absolutely! All live classes are recorded, and I offer weekly office hours to bring you up to speed on the material you missed.

What if I find that this course isn’t right for me?

I offer a full refund of the course fee if you decide, after the first class, this course isn’t a fit. 

What can I expect as an outcome of the course?

If you are interested in the course, I suspect that you already know that you are naturally intuitive. And you are! 

However, sometimes we don’t trust our intuition or know how to harness the power of our intuitive wisdom. 

This course offers simple, pragmatic tools that help you access your psychic center that, in turn, deepens your trust as you see it taking positive effect in your life.

Can I take this course with a friend or my partner?

Uncovering your intuitive awareness can be a vulnerable process for many. Having loved ones in class can be a supportive and enriching experience!   

Having said that, this is an inner-focused process and it is important that you are free from distraction. It’s entirely up to you, but let’s chat if you have concerns or questions.

Why do you teach different modalities?

This course gives you exposure to an array of tools that can be used to tap into your intuition and subconscious. You can think of it as different doors all opening to the same vast room of wisdom. And while these portals all lead to the same place, you may find a particular affinity or attraction to one tool over another. This course gives you a taste of the power of each tool, allowing you to be more informed about where to go deeper.


Angela Atkinson

Angela Atkinson

I am an intuitive guide and teacher.

With decades of experience in nonprofit leadership and teaching, I offer clients a unique blend of left-brain analytical skills with my gifts of clairvoyance, remote viewing, dreamwork, and heart-centered guiding.

I have worked for a number of nonprofits in leadership and teaching positions as well as served in public office, owned my own businesses, and consulted to a variety of businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies.  

I received training from Paul Smith, Ph.D., Major US Army (ret.) of the renowned Stargate military remote viewing program.  I have also trained with Debra Katz, Ph.D., of the International School of Clairvoyance, and Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Ph.D., psychotherapist and Peruvian shaman.  I have an MBA from Berkeley and studied international business at the Haute Etudes Commerciales in Paris.

In my heart, I’m a mountain girl, calling the Rocky Mountains my home for the past forty years.  I currently live outside of Denver with my wonderful husband and numerous critters.

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