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The Intuitive Arts School

Connect with your authentic self through your intuition.


psychic readings

A deep dive into psychic training, dreamwork, and remote viewing.

Girl on Road

Gateway to Intuition

Five-week course offered three times per year


Psychic Training

6-week psychic training coming in September 2024

Dreamwork Training

6-week dreamwork training offered in August 2024

Remote Viewing Training

6-week remote viewing training offered in Oct 2024

Imagine a community of seekers who are curious, committed and willing to explore their intuitive natures. It’s a refuge from the storm of the dying paradigm of patriarchy and ego-driven leadership.  A home where the ultimate arbiter of Truth is you. 

The Intuitive Arts School is this place.  We know we have only barely scraped the surface of what our minds, spirits, bodies, and souls are capable of creating.  So many of us sense that something is missing in our lives, or that we haven’t come close to fulfilling our purpose – even if we knew what that is.

You aren’t alone and our courses are a place of learning together a path forward.

Our intuition holds the key to these life questions.  However, it’s a journey into not knowing, surrendering to the quiet that tends to fill with distractions.

The Intuitive Arts School brings together people who want to journey into the frontier of their intuition through courses designed to give you a roadmap and tools to tap into this numinous space.

Classes are intentionally small (maximum of 6) so that everyone has plenty of spaciousness, support and individualized attention.  Check out our calendar and we hope to see you at the School!

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