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Walk with me


Books, podcasts, and workshops can help in gaining an intellectual understanding of one’s subconscious and intuitive abilities.  

However, it is through experiential immersion and practice that one truly feels the magic of one’s intuition.

Then . . . it becomes real.

Sometimes, we need a guide to help us in navigating this terrain.  Therefore we are offering customized mentoring packages designed to give 1:1 support to those looking to develop their intuitive abilities.  The intuitive mentoring package includes:

  • Three one-hour sessions with Angela scheduled at your convenience
  • Coaching and support in strengthening your intuitive “muscles”
  • Practical applications designed to integrate your intuition into daily life

3 sessions @ $100/each (20% discount from standard price)

Angela Atkinson
I look forward to working with you!
~ Angela
I found Angela's wisdom and insights to be profound.

Her keen sense of intuition together with a sharp intellect was just the combination I needed to trust her guidance.  She’s a rare person, who I now count as a friend.

- Jen Sizemore, Management Consultant

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