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A Sea Change in Consciousness

Remote Viewing

A Sea Change in Consciousness

Remote Viewing

A Sea Change in Consciousness

Remote Viewing

What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is the ability to psychically receive impressions about a location, person, event, or object (a “target”) that is otherwise not accessible to normal senses.  Trained remote viewers are able to perceive and identify aspects of a target without any prompts or information whatsoever.

Sounds crazy, right?  I thought so too, until I saw it done. . . and then I did it myself.

My world changed.  I experienced firsthand — concretely and objectively — the power of humans’ ability to tap into the field of knowing that is available to all of us. 

The Mental Martial Art

Receiving my certification from Dr. Paul Smith, one of the original military viewers trained by Ingo Swann (photograph in the background) and the Stanford Research Institute. Dr. Smith and his company RVIS teaches the original methodology used by Swann.

Called the “mental martial art, remote viewing is a training of the mind.  Through a series of prescribed steps and protocols, remote viewing trains the mind to focus on psychic impressions. Slowly, these impressions cohere into increasingly accurate information about the hidden target.  

The input of the rational “left brain” is managed in a way that it does not limit or subvert the flow and integrity of psychic data.  

How is Remote Viewing Used?

Remote viewing was developed by physicists Drs. Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute and renowned psychic and artist, Ingo Swann.

The original application and funding of remote viewing research was by the military, and much has been written about the history of the military program known as “Stargate.”

Applications of remote viewing in the subsequent years have adapted remote viewing for finding missing persons and objects, archaeological exploration, humanitarian work, medical applications, product development and other uses.

Perhaps the most important gift of remote viewing is demonstrating the psychic capacities we all carry within us, and the elevation of consciousness and spiritual connectedness one feels when tapped into the energetic field that connects us all.  

I would encourage any of you to try it, and see for yourself.  

If you would like to explore this remarkable psychic modality, reach out for a free consultation.  

Doing is Believing

Play Video

This video is a recorded remote viewing session I did with Remote Viewing instructor Debra Katz.  The video has been edited for brevity (the session was 90 minutes long), but shows key elements of remote viewing protocols:

  • Target number
  • Descriptors
  • Ideogram
  • Analytic overlay (AOL)
  • Signal line

These are all skills anyone can learn, with practice, knowledge, and an open mind.

There are no solitary beings. 

The whole planet is one giant, 

living, breathing cell, 

with all its working parts linked in symbiosis.

~Lewis Thomas, biologist and poet

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