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I'm Angela

I see the beauty in people . . . and their dreams.

I’m moved by the vulnerability and exquisite tenderness of what is possible in people’s lives.  I stand as an advocate for what is stirring in your soul.

Our dreams are often submerged, camouflaged by entrenched limiting beliefs, cultural norms, addictive behaviors, and plain old fear.  

Thank goodness, the soul is relentless in its pursuit of getting your attention — through dreams, synchronicities, imagination, and intuition.

My job is to help you decipher and decode the messages percolating up from the depths of your soul, and to harness of power of your intellect to discern what action to take with these messages.

My Story

My greatest joy is being in nature, the practice of metaphysics and spirituality, and helping others through service, teaching, and intuitive guidance.

Born and raised in the rural south, my parents fostered curiosity, spiritual growth, education, and compassion.  They were activists, and welcomed all to our table, regardless of color, sexual orientation, economic status, or religion.  Thank you, Barbara and Curtis.

This model of compassion, activism, and spiritual curiosity and exploration has laid the groundwork for my own journey.


One decision can alter the trajectory of a life.


Alive in me since childhood has been a hunger to know our psychospiritual selves and the realms of the subconscious. I studied religion, literature, philosophy, and art, wanting to understand and harness that source of creativity and knowing that animates us all.

However, rather than following my heart and intuition, I chose a path much more traditional and “appropriate.”  For the next 25 years as a nonprofit executive, business consultant, and market research analyst. 


I was successful by society’s standards.  

I owned my own business, served in public office, had a home and a family, skied on weekends, meditated, read all the personal growth books . . . I was living the good life.  

But something was missing and no amount of “doing” filled this growing hole inside.

I had forgotten what I love.  REALLY love.

And so at 50 , done with quick fixes and self-help books – I picked up a camera, a guitar, a pen — and I started making things.  

I gave myself permission to enter the world that artists inhabit every day – that of expressing my inner voice when there’s no guarantee of approval or success.

It was through trusting and opening my creative right brain that I uncovered the intuitive gifts that we all carry but leave mostly untapped.

I rediscovered my love of teaching, being of service to others, and remembering that finding our purpose starts with the heart . . . and what we love.

See my photography and refugee project work here.

Intuitive, Artist, Teacher

It was through the portal of following my creativity that I reconnected with my intuitive gifts.

The space between things . . . artists call this “negative space.”  

This space holds the mystery, information, the connective tissue that contains the magic.  It’s accessible when we put our thinking brain on pause, and surrender to the flow that’s always there.

When we train our minds to access this flow, we gain access to a wellspring of intuition, creativity, power, and connection to the whole.

Through my training as an intuitive guide, remote viewer, and dream worker – along with decades on a spiritual path of meditation, shamanic journeying, study of the great mystics, and recovery, I have developed a unique perspective and capacity to see into what is possible for people.  

Angela Atkinson

Combined with my background in business and entrepreneurship, I bring a unique perspective that combines the analytical with the intuitive . . . 

a combination that can help you not only tap into your dreams, but bring them into manifestation.   

I look forward to working with you on your journey of self-discovery!

Our dreams and subconscious hold the answers.

If we could only listen.

What is your soul wanting to say to you? 


“Faith without works is dead.”

I believe this.

I also believe that the worlds of humanitarian activism and social entrepreneurship are susceptible to the same violence of mind, judgment, ego, and yes, even hatred, as those doing the oppressing.

I created this business, Sentience, to help evolve our level of consciousness . . . that of infusing the power of intuitive wisdom into the world of activism.  

My prayer is that we dissolve the illusion of separation in manifesting the deep work and wisdom and hold that . . . 

Faith with works are indeed alive!

In 2017, I volunteered with an NGO at a Syrian refugee camp in Greece.   I share my story and photography below, as part of a larger collaborative fundraising project for the refugees.

The Exile in All of Us

By Angela Atkinson

Sunrise over coast of Turkey

This morning, I will serve tea to 275 refugees at the Souda Refugee Camp on the island of Chios, Greece.

It’s quiet in the camp in the mornings and communications are generally non-verbal.

Four fingers mean four heaping teaspoons of sugar in a  half-cup to tea.  A few of the men will abruptly grab teh teaspoon out of my hand to stir the sugar themselves.  I get it.

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